Anaerobic Fermenter

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Here we see an industrial scale fermenter (10 m3) equipped with four hydrofoil impellers.
A batch anaerobic yeast fermentation is modeled with Ansys Fluent.
The system is modeled using a mesh with 433,000 computational cells.
The flow induced by the impellers is modeled using the multiple-reference frame (MRF) model.
At time 0, 5% by volume of inoculant (1.0 g-cells/l) is added on top of a liquid batch with 100 g-glucose/l.
The transport and mixing of the species and the reaction kinetics are modeled with Monod kinetics.
The animations show the evolution of the glucose, yeast cells, and ethanol mass fractions for the initial 4 minutes of the process.
Notice the concentration differences between the top and the bottom of the vessel.

Mass Fraction Glucose
Mass Fraction Yeast
Mass Fraction Ethanol

Flow field in the fermenter. Color indicates velocity magnitude.

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