How to Create a Tiled Image

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Sometimes, instead of creating animations from a series of images, it is useful to create a tiled image as shown in the example below. Such tiled images can be included in written documents and convey the same information as an actual animation.

I usually use the 'montage' command that comes with the ImageMagick suite to do this. The image below was created by placing the individual GIF images into the ImageMagick directory and then executing the:

montage -background white +frame +shadow +label -tile 3x3 -geometry 160x120+0+0 *.gif joined.gif

command. The '3x3' option defines the layout with 3 images horizontal and 3 vertical. The '160x120' option sets the size of the individual images to 160 by 120 pixels. In this example, the name of the new file is set to joined.gif.

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