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This page answers some frequently asked graphics questions. The software list provides links to a number of programs that I like and have found to be useful. Most of these programs are open source, freeware, or shareware; although some are commercial.

Mathematics and Data Visualization
Graphics Tips
3D scatter plot for MS Excel macro. How to convert graphics file formats.
Chart3D 3D surface and contour charts. How to edit and create GIF animations.
Paraview Open source scientific data visualization. How to record AVI movies from screen.
Quattro Pro (WP Office) Spreadsheet with 3-D scatter graphs, Gantt, etc. How to do a screen capture.
Sage Math Open source mathematics package. How to create a tiled image.
SciDAVis Scientific data analysis and visualization. How to morph images.
SimplexNumerica Numerics, charting and plotting. GIF/AVI animations from FLUENT
SimplexParser Function plotter and scientific calculator. Particle Tracks to AVI from FLUENT
Visit Scientific data visualization.

Other Useful Programs Graphics Software Used in the Tips
7 Zip Open source Zip compression. GhostScript View/convert Postscript files.
ATPad A nice text editor. Gif Construction Set GIF and AVI animations.
Audacity  Great sound recorder and editor. GIMP Open source graphics editor.
Extools The Excel add-in I can't do without. HyperCam Screen movie recording.
FastStone My favorite image viewer! Im2AVI AVI files from image sequences.
KompoZer  The HTML editor used for this page.
ImageMagick Batch graphics and animations.
RocketDock Mac style launcher for Windows. IrfanView View and batch convert graphics files.
Unit Conversion In Java. PaintShop Pro My favorite graphics editor.

Software Lists on the Web Chaos and Fractal Software
Open Directory Software List Chaos and Fractals Software List
Numerical Software (Wikipedia) Fraqtive Mandelbrot family fractal generator.
Data Visualization Software (Wikipedia) Visions of Chaos Includes cellular automata.
Computer Algebra Systems (Wikipedia)
Best Free HTML Editors
Photo Correction
The Basic's page and Basics List Noise Ninja Remove digital noise from photos.

PTLens Corrects lens distortions.

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