Recording Particle Tracks to AVI Animations

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Recording particle tracks from ANSYS FLUENT to AVI animations can be done under Windows with the HyperCam program from Hyperionics.

When you start HyperCam, you get the following window:

Under the AVI File tab, you can specify the name of the AVI file you wish to record. You can also set the record and playback speed. Here the record speed is set to 10 frames per second, and the playback speed to 20. So the final animation will play back at twice the speed of what has been recorded on the screen. My experience is that if I try to record at a speed greater than 15 frames per second, I start getting error messages. But if your PC and graphics board are faster than mine, you may be able to record at higher speeds.

Before starting the recording (the F2 key will both start and stop the recording) you need to select the screen area or window you wish to record, which is done under the Screen Area tab.

This animation shows pathlines in a static mixer. The pathlines were displayed with the Display|Pathlines option in Fluent 5, with the settings as shown in the panel below. The pathlines were pulsed, then recorded to an AVI file with HyperCam. Next, the AVI file was cropped and converted to GIF format with the GIF Construction Set.

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