HEV Static Mixer

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The HEV static mixer consists of a number of turbulence generating tabs that are mounted on the pipe wall. The mixer creates a complicated turbulent vortex system, consisting of both longitudinal and hairpin vortices. The material on this page comes from two studies, one which is published as part of the On-Line CFM Book, and a more recent study using large eddy simulation. The results of the latter study can be downloaded in Acrobat PDF format (1681kB). (You may have to right click on this last link, and choose "save link as", "save target as", or equivalent, depending on your browser.)

This image shows the hairpin vortex that forms behind the tab. The vortex is shed off in a time dependent fashion. It is better seen on either the short animation (467kB) or the long animation (3214kB). This time dependent vortex pattern was calculated with the large eddy simulation model in Fluent V5.

This image shows the counter-rotating longitudinal vortices behind one tab.

This image shows the interaction between the counter-rotating longitudinal vortices coming from a first tab array, and then interacting with the hairpin vortices and longitudinal vortices coming from the second tab array. This is again better viewed from the animation (6338kB)

This image shows the turbulent kinetic energy just behind the tab. The red region corresponds to the high turbulence intensity hairpin vortex.

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