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Below follow links through which you can download animations of the flow and mixing in industrial stirred vessels and static mixers. All calculations and animations were done by Dr. Richard D. LaRoche at Cray Research (now at DuPont) and Dr. André Bakker at Chemineer, Inc. (now at Fluent). The calculations were done using software from Fluent, Inc. on a Cray YMP computer. The animations were created using EnSight from CEI, Inc. using SGI workstations as the front-end and the Cray YMP as the back-end. From there they were recorded on video tape for presentation purposes. All animations available here are in low resolution MPEG format to shorten download time. These animations were created in 1995, and may look dated now, but are still worth a look. The animations are copyrighted and may only be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes.

CFM01.MPG (406kB) This animation shows the flow pattern in a stirred vessel by means of particles that follow the liquid flow. There are two impellers, shown as colored disks. The bottom CD-6 impeller pumps radially, and the top HE-3 impeller pumps downwards.

CFM02.MPG (426kB) This animation shows the flow pattern in the same vessel by means of moving filled color contours. Red regions have a high velocity, and blue regions have a low velocity.

CFM03.MPG (1127kB) This is a very nice animation of the flow in a rectangular stirred vessel equipped with two up-pumping HE-3 impellers. The flow is shown by means of comets that follow the liquid flow. Both the size of the head of the comet and the length of the tail of the comet are proportional to the local liquid velocity.

CFM04.MPG (298kB) This animation shows the local velocity magnitude in the same vessel by means of moving filled contours.

CFM05.MPG (410kB) This animation shows the formation of two counter-rotating longitudinal vortices behind an HEV static mixer tab.

CFM06.MPG (326kB) This animation shows the mixing of two fluids in a pipe equipped with two sets of HEV static mixer tabs.

CFM07.MPG (558kB) This is an excellent animation that shows how fluids mix as they move through a Kenics static mixer. There are six elements. Each element cuts the fluids in half and rotates and stretches them. Each successive helical element has a different rotation direction.

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